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Cost Management

Thanks to effective cost management tools, I provide support to your accommodation, extra-accommodation or outsourcing company in the analysis and management of past, present and future costs.

Variable costs
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Variable costs always at hand

I am the first hotel cost management tool capable of tracking and calculating the average variable cost per space, divided into each one of its aspects.

I offer you a clear vision of cost data, updated day by day, thanks to timely analyses.

You can consult Analytics or CoraGPT, Cora’s AI for personal assistance, at any time to take a look at KPIs such as unit fixed cost, costPAR, bottom rate and contribution margin.

Cost management 2

We give importance to costs, not just revenue

In the world of hospitality, there are many tools that allow you to analyze revenue and all its KPIs.

However, no tool is able to provide a comparable analysis of the other side of the coin, i.e. costs.

Furthermore, cost control in accommodation facilities always takes place on a final basis, only after the costs have actually been incurred.

Cora, on the other hand, wants to help you obtain detailed, real-time analyzes of costs, comparable to those that can be obtained of revenues.

Keep management costs at bay

Request the Free Demo of Cora and start keeping your facility’s costs under control!

They have already chosen me to revolutionize their operations management
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They say about me

I give the floor to Corers: discover the success stories of my partners.

  • Marco and Francesca

    General Manager & Mentor Trainer

    B&B Hotel Rome Pomezia

    “Cora represents the future, clarity and speed in the exchange of information. Cora has allowed us to make the staff responsible: today our departments work fluidly, respect the steps we assign and respond quickly to requests for intervention.

  • Luca

    Smart Cleaning Representative

    PFGROUP Facility Management

    “We needed accurate and fast management of cleaning operations at accommodation and non-accommodation facilities. Cora helped us in customizing and managing interventions in real time for operators and the possibility of generating detailed reports is of great help in managing the times and activities carried out.”

  • Edith

    Housekeeping Supervisor

    Mercure Hotel

    “Since we have been using Cora it has been much easier to assign rooms to all the housekeepers, everyone follows their own tasks and there are no more complaints from guests.”

  • Marcella

    Operations Manager

    Hotel Residence Esplanade

    “Having a maintenance report became essential, we gave the staff a slap on the wrist because they initially used WhatsApp, which is completely wrong because we had no trace of these communications and everything ended up forgotten.”

    Frequently asked questions

    Is Cora customizable?

    Yes. Cora is 100% customizable: both the organization of units, the name of interventions and the operations checklists are completely customizable, as is much else.

    How long does it take to have my own customized account?

    Cora team is lightning fast: once the data has been received, in a maximum of 48 hours the platform will be ready and adapted to your needs.

    Is it possible to integrate Cora into my management system?

    Yes. In fact, our APIs allow us to communicate and integrate with all the most famous and used PMSs.

    Is Cora a PMS?

    Absolutely not! Cora does not provide, for example, a booking management tool, but takes care of optimizing internal operating procedures.

    Request your Free Demo now

    The easiest way to optimize the operational procedures of your accommodation facility or outsourcing company is Cora, test me!

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